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Click on this link to watch a short presentation and find out a little more about me……………. A Little About Me


Welcome to my blog! My name is Karen Willis, I am a pre-service teacher embarking on a lifelong journey of teaching and learning.

I have enjoyed every moment of working with children for the last nine 9 years at a local Primary School. Each day brings new challenges and enjoyment in pursuing my goal of making a child’s day brighter and helping them become the best they can be.

I encourage you to share any ideas, resources or topics of interests relevant to teaching and learning. Let’s inspire and support each other as we continue our journeys. I wish to become the best teacher I can be and create an inclusive positive learning environment where each child is encouraged and is provided the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability.

In a technological twenty-first century it is vital that I continue to increase my knowledge and adopt new IT skills and strategies to enable me to create an enriching ICT environment with high quality learning experiences.

I intend to share my experiences with you, both good and bad as we learn from both types of experiences.


Best Regards


Karen Willis.






13 thoughts on “Welcome and A Little About Me

    • Thank you so much for watching it Vicki, I am learning something new each day. I look forward to having a look at your blog soon and will be sure to post.

    • Thank you so much Amanda, I would be more than happy to help you set up a travel blog for your travels. I love the clip by Sir Ken Robinson that you shared and I posted it on my home page, thank you so much for your support and fab input.

  1. Hi Karen,

    Your blog looks great – well done so far!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your great stuff.


    • Thank you so much Erryn. It has been challenging to set it up but as my ICT skills and confidence increases it is quite rewarding overcoming challenges.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I loved It!

    How cute was the little boy at the end????
    I have just sent you some invites for pininterest and learnist sites so you can see my boards i have up and going.
    I am working to get them up on the blog shortly but in the meantime you might want to link them in yourself.
    Cheers Dan

    • Hey Dan

      Thank you very much. I have just watched your presentation and I loved it, it was very touching. I have signed up to pininterest and am slowly finding my way through. I will link you to my blog here.


  3. Hi Karen, robyn here wondered if you would mind if I followed your blog. I am still a bit behind our peers, but I listened to the blackboard session and you asked some great questions, many of which I had also wondered about. also have aquestion for you 2 actually, im not sure if my edublog details are fed through automatically when i post this reply if not can you explain how I set up this function an dsecondly how did you set up a blog role. do people have to subscribe? thanks robyn..
    if you are intersted my blog user id is

    • Hi Robyn

      Not a problem, I can add you now. To set up a blogroll click the +New button on the top of the page, then click link, once in there cut and paste the persons blog link, add their name, for the description I just type their name again, click the blogroll button then in the frame section click none (that is what I do, not sure what it means). Then your new person will appear in your blogroll. My blogroll is on the right hand side of my home page but it wasn’t there initially, if it isn’t you need to click on appearance, widgets and then drag the links or blogroll button (I forget what it’s called, will confirm) over to the right hand side so it can appear on your home page.

      All your comments from people following your blog will appear on your home page to the right.

      I will add you now : – )

  4. Robyn

    once in Widgets you drag the “links” tab over to the right hand side. I just double checked.


  5. hi karen. I just found you again. I didnt realise I had to do anything to activate our correspondence from my blog. I have been merily reponding to posts from people toatally unaware they were not receiving them.that may xplain why no one has written this week. I wll endEvour to follow your guidelines that you ahve graciously taken the time to indicate above. Thanks again robyn

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