Another Xtranormal movie

Hi everyone

I made this little movie for science.

I love making these short movies, this movie was designed to explain a Year 1 Science Assessment task. Rather than just providing students with a task sheet the  assessment task is also presented through an interactive online movie which allows for students to learn and acquire information of the task not only through printed text but through linguistic, auditory, spatial, gestural and visual elements (Anstey & Bull, 2006). Catering to diverse needs.

My children are in Year 2 and Year 4, I am looking forward to creating movies with them for various tasks. The ideas are endless and the kids will have so much fun they won’t realise they are learning. Plus it is good practice for the classroom!

Stay tuned for more Xtranormal movies. Ha ha!



6 thoughts on “Another Xtranormal movie

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  3. Where were you when I was racking my brain trying to think of a different way to teach the kids rather than through PowerPoints. I have used xtranormal so many times in assignments and didn’t even think of using this in my lessons on prac. Great idea Karen and great video.

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